Baby Gas Symptoms, Causes & Signs

Baby Gas Symptoms

We all get a little gassy from time to time, and babies are no different. Burping and flatulence are usually perfectly natural and nothing to worry about. It’s not unusual for a person of any age to pass gas 10 to 20 times a day, but as with adults, too much gas in infants can cause symptoms ranging from bloating to painful cramps. The associated tummy discomfort can often result in colic-associated crying and general fussiness.

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Temporary Lactose Intolerance

Many babies can experience temporary lactose intolerance or TLI during the first three to four
months. Temporary lactose intolerance in infants is the temporary inability of the body to break down the milk sugar, also known as lactose. Lactose must be broken down into the simple sugars, glucose and galactose, in order to be absorbed by the body. This undigested lactose in milk produces lactic acid and gas, which may cause severe discomfort, bloating and gas resulting in colic-associated crying, sometimes for long periods of time after feedings.

If your infant is showing signs of colic-associated tummy discomfort, adding the dietary supplement Colief Infant Digestive Aid to their usual milk (either breast milk or normal infant formula) may help to break down the lactose in the milk, making it easier for your infant to digest.

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