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Temporary Lactose Intolerance (TLI) and General Lactase/Lactose

What is Temporary Lactose Intolerance (TLI) in infants?

What exactly is Lactose Intolerance (general)?

What does Undigested Lactose do?

Can lactase insufficiency be a cause of colic?

What is Lactase?

General Colic Information

What is colic?

Can lactose intolerance be a cause of colic?

What are the long-term effects of colic?

About Colief® Infant Digestive Aid

What is Colief Infant Digestive Aid?

How does Colief Infant Digestive Aid work?

What does Colief Infant Digestive Aid do?

What does Colief Infant Digestive Aid contain?

Is Colief Infant Digestive Aid suitable for vegetarians?

From what age can a baby have Colief Infant Digestive Aid?

Where has Colief Infant Digestive Aid been researched?

How does Colief Infant Digestive Aid work when breastfeeding?

Where to Find

Where can I buy or find Colief Infant Digestive Aid?

Preparation, Usage and Storage

Can Colief Infant Digestive Aid be added to milk formula that has been made and stored in the refrigerator?

How should Colief Infant Digestive Aid be stored?

Can Colief be used with soy formula or lactose-free formula?

Can Colief Infant Digestive Aid be used with goats-milk based infant formula?

How often can Colief Infant Digestive Aid be used?

At 3 or 4 months of age, how should a baby be weaned from Colief Infant Digestive Aid?

Why wait 30-minutes after treating milk with Colief Infant Digestive Aid before feeding to baby?

Color Variations

Why do the Colief Infant Digestive Aid appear to be a slightly different color from the last bottle I bought?

Contact With Eyes

What should I do if Colief comes in contact with my or my baby’s eyes?

Adverse Events and Side Effects

Does Colief Infant Digestive Aid have any side-effects?


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