What No One Told You about Being a First-Time Mom

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What No One Told You about Being a First-Time Mom

Being a first-time mom is an experience that you’re never fully prepared for. From the minute you bring your new baby home, everything in your life has changed! And not just once; it continues to change over and over again. No two days are ever the same, and you’re constantly wondering if you’re doing it right. Just know…you’re not alone! Here are some things no one might have told you about being a new mom:

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Your baby isn’t going to be the only one doing a lot of crying. Your hormones are going to be going wild and your stress level—through the roof! Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself feeling like you can’t do anything right and shedding tears at the drop of a hat. Ease the pressure on yourself and remember that you’re doing a great job! And if you do find yourself feeling emotionally down for a longer or sustained period of time, be sure to speak with your physician, partner and/or family.


BB (before baby), showering was part of your daily routine that you hardly gave any thought to. Now, greasy hair is your middle name and figuring out the ideal time to squeeze in a quick shower seems like climbing a mountain. The good news is that showering doesn’t have to be so difficult. Try taking your little one into the bathroom with you – ideally when baby is relaxed or resting. Leave the door open and keep the baby safely strapped into a comfortable baby seat or carrier. Or if your baby happens to have a regular nap time each day, that’s the ideal time to take a quick shower: you can put him/her safely in the crib and take the baby monitor into the bathroom with you. Just be prepared to cut your shower short if he/she wakes up.

Take pictures - all the time!

It may sound like a no brainer, but when you’ve had 2 hours of sleep over the course of 48 hours, snagging a few pics is the last thing on your mind. But you’ll want to remember the good, the bad and the ugly, and that means having that camera ready. Looking back on those hidden gems, you’ll be glad you took 10,000 pictures the day you got spit-up on five times. Collecting the memories of these early days is not just for Facebook…you don’t want pictures of only the perfect moments. When you’re a mom, all the moments – good and bad – are special.

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