What to Have On Hand for Those First Few Weeks

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What to Have On Hand for Those First Few Weeks

You may feel like a chicken running around with your head cut off. Don’t worry…that’s totally normal. Here are some essentials every mom, new or experienced, should consider having on hand during those first few weeks:

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Bibs and Burping Cloths

Bibs protect your baby’s clothes from spit-up and drool, and burping cloths protect yours. That means less outfit changes for the both of you and (slightly) less laundry for you.

Baby wipes

You will come to find the multi-purposes of these bad boys. Messy face? Baby wipe. Messy bottom? Baby wipe. Baby discovered dirt on the ground for the first time? Baby wipe. You get the picture…

Colief Infant Digestive Aid

Colic affects approximately one in five infants born in the United States — about one million new babies annually. Be prepared before baby arrives and add Colief Infant Digestive Aid to your baby registry. Don’t let colic-associated crying and fussiness from temporary lactose intolerance (TLI) catch you off guard!

Diaper bag

You WILL get out of the house eventually, and when that day comes you’ll need a diaper bag to carry all of your baby care necessities. It may even replace your purse for a time and will be part of your “look” for as long as baby is in diapers. So make sure to pick one that you really like – one that’s also durable and practical for your particular needs.


Sleep is golden, so when you finally get your infant down for some Zzz’s you will want to do everything humanly possible to not wake them up. Keeping a nightlight on will allow you to check on your little one throughout the night without disturbing them by turning on a light.

Nightlights can also keep mom from being in full-awake mode and can make it easier for you to fall asleep after you’ve put baby back down. Don’t expect your baby to have the same courtesy though when it comes to waking you up.

The web address to your nearest food delivery service

It may sound silly but you’ll come to love it! When you’re home alone, not showered, and hungry you’ll know what we’re talking about. PLUS, with the little breaks you do get, you don’t want to spend it pushing your way up to the deli counter. Order your groceries online and they’ll get delivered right to your door. No judgment.

Travel System Stroller

Ever wish you had five arms? Well, with one of these bad boys, you don’t have to! A travel system stroller makes it easy to seamlessly go from one task to another, whether you’re traveling by foot or car. Added bonus: if your little one falls asleep in the stroller, you don’t have to risk waking him/her up to put in a car seat!

Baby Swing

The baby swing is a life saver passed down from generation to generation. Honestly, we don’t know how new moms got stuff done before this. You’re going to need something to hold your little one while you’re….oh, you know…doing laundry, cooking, showering, everything, and this is the way to go. Some of them even have hookups for MP3 players to make the experience more enjoyable for your infant. Talk about living the life! Just follow the directions and never leave a baby unattended.

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